[[t]bɔrd, boʊrd[/t]]
1) bui a long rectangular piece of wood sawed thin
2) bui a flat slab of wood or other hard material for some specific purpose:
a cutting board; a diving board[/ex]
3) a sheet of wood, cardboard, etc., often with markings, on which a game is played
4) pri stiff cardboard or other material covered with paper, cloth, or the like to form the covers for a book
5) bui composition material made in large sheets, as plasterboard or corkboard
6) a table, esp. to serve food on
7) an official group of persons who direct or supervise some activity
8) daily meals, esp. as provided for pay:
room and board[/ex]
9) navig.
a) the side of a ship
b) one tack of the course of a ship beating to windward
10) a flat surface, as an object of rectangular shape, on which something is posted:
a bulletin board[/ex]
11) spo
12) spo Usually, boards. basketball
a) a backboard
b) a rebound
13) sbz boards
a) sbz the stage of a theater
b) spo the wooden fence surrounding the playing area of an ice-hockey rink
c) spo a racing course made of wood, used esp. in track meets held indoors
14) cmp elo
a) cmp a piece of fiberglass or other material upon which an array of computer chips is mounted
b) elo
circuit board 1)
15) tgp a switchboard
16) to cover or close with boards (often fol. by up or over):
to board up a house[/ex]
17) to furnish with meals, or with meals and lodging, esp. for pay
18) to go on board of (a ship, plane, etc.)
19) cvb to allow on board:
to board passengers[/ex]
20) naut. navig. to come up alongside (a ship), as to attack or to go on board
21) Obs. to approach; accost
22) to take one's meals or receive food and lodging at a fixed price
Etymology: bef. 900; ME, OE bord board, table, shield; c. OFris, OS bord, MHG bort, ON borth, GO -baurd board′a•ble, adj. board′like`, adj.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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